Problems with image set taken with two identical cameras

We are testing a multi-camera UAS that uses two cameras of the same model. Therefore, the EXIF metadata is the same. They are Canon Power Shot S100. Pix4D assumes that we only used one camera, and it performs only one camera calibration. Of course, cameras are not exactly the same, so that assumption produces a significant error. Is there any configuration available in Pix4D that can be used to solve this problem? Could a workarround be changing the EXIF metadata manually?


If I understand well, you are using two cameras mounted in a drone which are triggered at the same time.

That is a “rig” and you can define into Pix4D: Processing camera rigs

In order to do that, you need to have the Rig Add-on and it is necessary to know the distances and angles between both cameras.

Another solution would be to process two separate projects independently (one for each camera) and merge them together afterward.

As you say, changing the EXIF would work too.




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Thank you, Daniel. 

The cameras are attached to a structure that cannot maintain the distance and angle between cameras accurately, so “rig” is not an option. On the other hand, if I process the photographs in separated projects, then I lose the advantage of having oblique images (doi:10.1016/j.geomorph.2016.11.021).

Therefore, changing the EXIF is the logical decision. But, how I can use the same initial camera parameters for both cameras?

For example, if I take all the photographs from one camera and I change the camera model name EXIF from “Canon PowerShot S100” to “Canon PowerShot S100_2”, what initial parameters Pix4D going to use?






Hello Gaston,

The camera parameters can always be changed by clicking on Edit in the Edit camera model window:


Anyway, if the internal parameters are still written in the EXIF tags, Pix4D will take them.

As for having two different projects, I think that you could still process two projects independently and merge them together afterward. You could even use Rematch and Reoptimize after the merge to generate matches between the two projects.

I do not know your project but I do not really understand why having separate projects will lose the advantage of having oblique images.

Anyway, if you can change the EXIF and create two different cameras, that would be the best as you say.