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Problems achieving a quality densified point cloud

Hi, I’m trying to use P4D mapper to create both a 3D mesh and orthomosaic of my neighborhood. I used the P4D capture app and a Mavic pro to capture approx 1k images of my neighborhood, flying a double grid at about 110’ above take off. The initial tie point processing looked promising, with a great quality report, the only caveat being I don’t have GCP’s. I added in 10 manual tie points, and then using the highest quality settings, processed step 2 for a densified point cloud. Here’s where I’ve had issues - as you can see in this image, the point cloud is very sparse. I’m looking for some advice on what I need to change to achieve a quality densified point cloud. Here is an image of my densified point cloud:

And an image of the cameras:

And an image of the tie points:

Hi @kedallum,

Are you sure that your Dense Point Cloud is enabled?

Could you share here your Quality Report?