Prescription maps for Variable Rate Application | PIX4Dfields Tutorials

This video will walk you through:

  1. Variable Rate Application and its benefits
  2. Vegetation Index Basics: NDVI & NDRE
  3. Input Distribution Schemes
  4. How to: PIX4Dfields Zonation Tool
  5. Advanced Methods with Scouting and Sampling

Variable Rate and its benefits

Variable Rate Application (VRA) is a technique used in precision farming that focuses on the automated application of agricultural inputs in variable quantities based on measured crop or soil heterogeneity.

“The right amount, at the right time, at the right place.”


  • Up to 5% yield increase
  • Up to 15% savings
  • Up to 20% increases combine throughput
  • Less lodging

Growth Regulators & Fungicides

  • Up to 3% yield increase
  • Up to 15% savings
  • Less lodging

You can find the slides here:

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