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Pre Process with Lens Correction Software before PIX4D Process Vision 2 + images

I have found that I get a very superior result by batching the full sized images through a software program ProDRENALIN V1. that does a very good lens correction using their preset algorithm.

I then bring them into PIX4D desktop and process as normal.
To further refine I do a cell edit as needed in the Mosaic Editor, or reset the mesh to build from the Planar images. You may have to bring in a CSV file of the photo centres.

The lens correction filter in Photoshop or Lightroom does a less robust fix.

Hi Brian,

You should not pre process your images! Pix4Dmapper has a very advanced algorithm that manages to correct the lens distortions. Our users take very good results with fisheye images. Give it a try and let us know about your experience :slight_smile:

Best regards,