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Point cloud server

Is there anyplace to upload point clouds to? It would be nice for customers to view point clouds directly instead of DL’ing the PC and using something like QT reader.

Hi Shaun, I think you can import .ply point cloud in Sketchfab but I never tried. That way you can share the point cloud like the 3D mesh for online visualization but for big point cloud it might not be the best. Hope it helps!

Create an FBX file and upload it to Sketchfab - it’s free and you can give the link to anyone.  Just be sure to change your fbx file to 4096x4096 because that’s the largest sketchfab can handle.

Hello everyone,

Sketchfab is, indeed, an option, but now we have our own Pix4D Cloud 🏆 that can be used for processing, sharing, annotating, etc.

Please find here some useful documentation about how to use it: FAQ, How to… (step-by-step instructions) 

Let us know what you think about it! We are very interested in your feedback :slight_smile: