Point Cloud Densification (Step2) DEFAULT status

I’d like to suggest to make Point Cloud Densification Step 2 UNCHECKED by default in the Local Processing windows.

As there is no pause/resume button a user cannot pause to uncheck step 2. It is quite likely that most of the user will be using Point Cloud Densification Area to avoid generating unnecessary points and complete the project faster. So the step 2 should NOT be checked when Processing is commenced.


Hi Vusal,

I was experimenting with this. Projects with and without step 2 gave very different results. I was more satisfied with projects that had step 2 completed.
The reason is simple: More points, more details and higher accuracy in the outputs.
The densified point cloud is better than the cloud generated after 1st step. The mosaic is also better when it is based on the densified cloud.

But still, this is just my opinion :slight_smile:

Dear Alexis,

I am afraid you got me wrong. Step 2 is ESSENTIAL. No 3D Point Cloud can be generated without Step 2. However, most likely after Step 1 is completed before starting Step 2 it is important to check if the automatic tie points were generated correctly. To import and mark GCPs/Check Points, add manual tie points and reoptimize or even rematch and reoptimize. Currently Step 1 and Step 2 are both checked by default. I suggest to keep Step 2 UNCHECKED by default.

Hi Vusal,

As you and Alexis said, step 2 is very important if you are interested in a detailed point cloud and accurate orthomosaic.

We have taken note of your idea. I have added it to our Suggestion List. Our Product Development Team will consider it for future version of the software.

Best regards,