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Point Cloud Classification

It seems as though the Point Cloud Classification option is not available with the my Pix4D Education version, but it is with the Pro version. Is this correct? The lab that my students are preforming needs this option. I hope that this not another additional expense. Running a Geo-spatial Technology Program at a college is becoming more and more expensive every year. Suggestions?



Hi John!

Mapper pro and educational features are the same if you are comparing identical software versions. You will have all of the latest features if you have the latest version of the software. 

If your Mapper-edu-class license has expired Support and Upgrade, which appears to be the case, this means that you cannot access the latest version of the software with this license. You are currently using an outdated version of the software with this license that doesn’t have automatic point cloud classification, as this was introduced in version 4.0.18 (see this page).

You can extend your Support and Upgrade to get access to the latest features. Visit the page here and click _E_xtend now under the appropriate license to extend your upgrades to get access to point cloud classification.