PixSurvey exporting contour lines with decimal values

Hello all, I recently picked up Pix4matic and PixSurvey. However, on the two separate projects, when I have exported contours from Pixsurvey into Carlson CAD the contour lines have decimal values. In one project the contour elevations are coming in with a .0002 decimal place (el=5530.0002), and in another, the contours are at a .9999 decimal value (el=4152.9999). I did not have this issue with using PixMapper into Global Mapper into CAD. The contours do not show decimal values inside PixSurvey, only after exporting and importing into Carlson CAD (2021) or into Globalmaper 21 do they show decimal values.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!’

Hi @ryan ,

Are you referring to the decimals on the left side as show below?

I believe you can change that from the Drawing Units dialog box, where Precision sets the number of decimal places for the current units display:


Thank you for the response @Nikoleta_Dimopoulou. I am talking in particular about the row with the vertex Z at 4152.9999’. This is a contour elevation, if I reduce the display precision to 2 places the contour line would be at 4152.99’. Removing the decimal places only conceals the issue.

When I bring contours exported from PixSurvey into Global Mapper 2021 they also have decimal values ranging from .9999 to .0002 as well. So as far as I can tell it is not a Carlson-specific issue. I’ve tried four separate projects and for every project I export from PixSurvey the contours have these decimal values.


May I ask to send me a screenshot of what it has under type and precision?


I appreciate the follow-up @Nikoleta_Dimopoulou .


Can you please select in the Linear tab the display precision either to 3 or 0 depending on how many decimals you want?


I set the display precision to 3 and it corrected the issue. Strange but it works. I appreciate your help @Nikoleta_Dimopoulou

Hi @ryan,

I am glad it worked! Usually, most of the CAD software has this kind of setting that you need to adjust to display the elements you want with the desired precision in the units.