Is tagged target recognition still limited to 30 meters? In the examples of target size, much higher flight are mentioned. Is it possible to print larger targets to use higher altitudes? 

Hi Austen,

All the information included in our article Using Pix4Dtagger - automatic target recognition contain actual knowledge on Pix4Dtagger. Lack of improvement in Pix4Dtagger is caused by the fact we stopped the development of that tool. Therefore, I can’t guarantee that it’ll work. However, you can perform a test by fighting on two different altitudes to check the limits. :wink: Afterwards, you can respond with an update on how it worked with your camera. In the meantime, maybe other users who still use the Pix4Dtagger will respond with some hints.


Does anyone keep using pix4dtagger? I’m starting the tests and wanted to exchange information.

Hello Austen, still using pix4dtagger?

Hello Beata, still using pix4dtagger?

as Beata mentioned, Pix4D does not develop Pix4Dtagger anymore. We do not improve it or further test it.
Therefore, we are not able to further support you with this.

You can give it a try and ask for questions on our Community for other users who may want to share their experiences.
I am sorry I cannot help much with it.