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Pix4Dtagger Discontinuation?

I heard a rumor from a Pix4D trainer that Pix4Dtagger may be removed from future distributions of the product. If this is the case, please take this submission as a vote not to do that. It is enormously helpful in creating profiles for cameras that are not in the camera database. It would seem to me that I can keep a copy of Pix4Dtagger and use it, even if Pix4D were to stop distributing it, but I would prefer that it were just there.


Hi @ilopata,

Pix4Dtagger is not in development anymore and therefore not officially supported.
It means that we do not fix bugs.
For the moment no decision has been taken so no changes for the upcoming Pix4Dmapper releases.
Meanwhile you can still use and download the tags from this page:

and there: