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First, happy new year all.

I am not able to download Pix4Dscan from Google Play. Error message says that my devices are not eligible to the proposed version.
Just curious if some of you managed to download the app. If yes, which device exactly.
Mine are samsung tab A and A51.

Hi @garnier1331, and welcome to the Pix4D Community!
Here you’ll find our PIX4Dscan Article on compatible devices, including which Android tablets are supported.
Hope this is helpful!
Thank you, and have a good day!

Thank you Gustavo, yes, the article is helpful, but not answering my concern.
Regarding android, it is said:

  • Tested on Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
  • The PIX4Dscan app requires Android 7 or later

I can tell you that even if I am on Android 11, the app does not work on my Samsung Tab.
Could you please check, or ask your developers to check is Pix4Dscan remains compatible with android 11 ?

Best Regards,

Hello again @garnier1331.

After checking with the PIX4Dscan team, I can confirm to you that your “A51” is not supported as PIX4Dscan is made for iPads and Android tablets and does not support mobile phones yet, and there are a few of the “Samsung Galaxy Tab A” tablets not yet supported due to the screen size.

So, do you mind if I ask you which model do you have exactly? You can check by going to:
Settings > About tablet > Model name + Model number

Thank you, and have a good day!


Thanks for the reply.
The model I own is exactly : Galaxy Tab A SM-T510.


Hi again @garnier1331.

Thank you for sharing your Android Tablet details.

After checking with the team we can confirm that your “Galaxy Tab A SM-T510” is not compatible with PIX4Dscan either due to the screen size and PPIs.
Your “Galaxy Tab A SM-T510” is around 224ppi and the minimum requirement for PIX4Dscan is 678ppi.

Even though the PIX4Dscan team is working to give support to even more tablets, and also mobile devices in the future, there is not an exact timeline for it.

For Android devices updates please refer to our PIX4Dscan Technical Release Notes (Android) article.

Thank you, and have a good day!