Pix4Dmapper not converting RJPEG images to tiff from Mavic 3T Enterprise, Zenmuse H20T , H20N and Mavic 2 dual enterprise advanced thermal camera

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Please have a look at the comment above from Kapil.


Hi @ Nikoleta_Dimopoulou . Thank you for the information. Just like Kapil.

It’s a shame DJI is encrypting the thermal data from the H20T 2 M2EA cameras, I hope this will change in the future and they release the SDK for processing.

At the moment we are waiting.

Thank you very much

What processing template did you use?

Actually this project is not mine, I found it on youtube.

However, talking to the owner, he used the common template “3D maps”, however the PIX4D is still not able to process thermal images from the M2EA, as DJI has not released the SDK for the images yet. Unfortunately.
This thermal map was generated with RGB images and changed the “Shader” to thermal. In the section “index calculator” does not appear the thermal information. You can notice at the 2:00 minute of the video, in the upper right corner, the “reflectance map” section is only using the RGB bands.

The same happens with the images from the H20T camera, as far as I know.

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@ dronesbyair
We’re currently in the exact same boat looking for an allarounder. Extremely disappointing that the RTK module of the M2EA doesn’t write to the image data and even more so that the camera isn’t in the Pix4D database.

What did you land on for a solution?

Hola, estoy intentando analizar unas imágenes térmicas adquiridas con mavic 2 enterprise dual advanced y cuando termina el proceso la imagen es un rgb, ¿Cuál es la razón? Muchas gracias. Saludos


There is a workaround for H20T camera that is mentioned in this video, using our product PIX4Dmapper, with a conversion first… DJI H20T in Pix4Dmapper - ATygeo Thermal integration - YouTube
Tool: https://atyges.es/en/tienda/product/atygeo-thermal-m2ea/

Hope this helps you!


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I’ve processed thermal data from Mavic Enterprise Advanced drone.

I processed with “Thermal Camera Template” and changed the calibration method to “standard”. It seemed to process well, but I’m having trouble interpreting the reflectance map.

How do I set the reflectance map to show the temperature ranges? Yellow represents pixel values 73.60-93.00 what does that mean?


Dear Pix4D team I bought your license sctrcitly to use it with H20T camera and I’m also considering buying Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced. From what I can see DJI released SDK to work with their thermal pictures format about two months ago. Please tell me that Pix4D team is working on this and that we will soon get temperatures values in your software.

Hello @detectionsal, At the moment the workflow that you have to follow for processing the images for the thermal camera is explained below.

The reason our software is not able to detect it as a thermal image is that the metadata information on the images is not the same as a normal thermal image from another thermal camera. However, I would suggest you to add this as an feature request and vote it.

Hello Kapil,

Yes I saw this solution only that it costs an extra EUR 590 for the basic function of exporting tiff files from rjpg.

I understand that you do not currently support this solution, but after all, there are hundreds of thousands of these cameras in the world, i.e. your potential customers, and DJI has released its SDK, so I do not understand why you are not working on it instead sending the client to an external company to leave his money there …

Best Regards
Marcin Lipiński

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Totally agree on this statement.

Hello All, As I suggested in the last reply, if you are looking for this feature, please go and vote on the below feature request.

Hello Kapil,

Yes, this is feature request created by me :wink:

Best Regards

Hi everyone. I found this video from CanDrone about processing H20T images into TIFFs then importing them into Pix4D rather than paying for it to be converted: Thermal Mapping with DJI Matrice 300 and H20T camera - WEBINAR - YouTube
It uses publicly available python code provided by some users on the ExifTool forum. This works well for converting the JPEGs to TIFFs and reattaching the location data. However, once in Pix4D, I am unsure of what camera parameters to set, can someone provide insight on this? Specifically the parameters below:

Hi Momtanu, can u share with me Link of Software Pls, Thanks You

I seem to have almost found a workaround to this problem. We recently hastily purchased an H20T not realizing that it was incompatible with Pix4Dmapper. I have tried to use DJI terra but have been running into issues with that and would prefer to stick with Pix4D.

There is a free ImageJ plug-in on GIThub here GitHub - gpereyrairujo/IRimage: IRimage: Open source software for processing images from consumer thermal cameras by G. Pereyra which utilizes DJI’s thermal SDK and is able to retain retain original camera and gps metadata.

I have run the tool on a small set of photos (14) and it seems to mostly convert them well into .tiff files but when I input them into Pix4D two of them do not have the original H20T camera parameters attached. Possibly just small bug but would have to run on a larger set of photos to see.

I can run the Index processing on these converted .tiff files and everything seems to process fine except for the final generation of the Index ortho. The tiles have been created and I can open the tiles in QGIS and they are showing accurate index values but something is preventing Pix4D from merging the tiles together. Pix4D mapper says “Error: unable to write Exif to D:/…” also getting a warning that TIFFReadDirectory:Ignoring ColorMap because BitsPerSample=32>24

Has anyone else tried IRimage and Pix4D mapper? I am wondering if they are having similar issues or if there are suggestions as to what may be going wrong.

I have also processed the data in webODM and it is able to properly produce an orthophoto, however the temperature values are in Band 1: red (red) and there is a Band 2 but has a default value of 255.