Pix4Dmapper Database

Is it possible to someone share the icmdb.xml file mentioned Which Cameras exist in Pix4Dmapper Database and which Parameters are used??
I tried to install Pix4Dmapper software without success, because my computer has unsupported system Windows 11.


Did you have a look at the solution proposed on the following community post regarding your issue with Windows 11?


Yes, I had looked there without success! I use a notebook and the installer does not even Open! No matter I try as Administrator or Compatibility Mode.

Thank you for the answer!

Hello @jorgealmerio, I am attaching the XML file that you were looking for.
icmdb.xml (569.7 KB)

Windows 11 is supported with the latest version of PIX4Dmapper 4.8.0 as Nikoleta said. If you are still having an issue, go through the below support article,

I will read it carefully and try to install again later.

Thank you very much!!!