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Pix4DEngine SDK


I am a brand new user and we have been fiddling around using a trial license of Pix4D mapper in AWS. Because we should introduce automation where we could, our attention quickly turned into Pix4D SDK. Documentation is great(although not having trial SDK license is a bummer) . We are also struggling to find other users who have been through this path. Appreciate if somebody could share some stories.

As baby step, we were here Pix4Dengine SDK Quick-Start — Pix4Dengine SDK 1.4.1 documentation getting our feet wet but link for download of SDK leads us to Desktop version.

Is SDK access only for paid customer?

Hello and welcome to our Community!
To get a trial of Pix4Dengine that gives you access to the SDK, please contact our sales team.
They will explain better the product and our licensing options.

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