PIX4Dcloud backface culling 3Dmesh visualization

What is it?

It is a setting that can be applied to the 3Dmesh that improves significantly the visualization of indoor scenes so that it is mainly intended for projects uploaded from PIX4Dcatch.
It was released on June 19th, 2024.

Hint: it can be used in combination with First Person View ( How to use the First person camera control on PIX4Dcloud )

How to use it?

When selecting the 3Dmesh in the hierarchy, the right pannel includes now a check box where the backface culling can be enabled.


If applied, only the faces that are visible from the user’s point of view are displayed.In this gif, the kitchen and room walls are not displayed when backface culling is checked.

In the gif below, the external part of the tunnel is not displayed when looking from outside and the backface culling check is on.