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Pix4DCapture with windows 10 Trimble TSC7 controller.

We use Trimble equipment in our office to gather GCP data. We just had our sales rep in showing us the new TSC7 controller, it a windows 10 tablet. Is there a way to run pix4dcapture with a windows 10 tablet? I know that DJI does not have a window 10 DJI Go app but it would be nice to thin down our gadget list to fly in the field. 

Hi Kevin,

This is indeed quite a nice tool!

Pix4Dcapture is a flight planning app running with Android or iOS mobile devices (phone, tablet) at the moment.

It cannot be used with desktop devices or any devices running with Windows at the moment.

However, having a desktop version of Pix4Dcapture is a quite popular request among users. Your concerns have been shared with the developer’s team so that consider it in the future with higher priority.


Thanks for the fast response. Looks Microsoft and DJI are partnering up to create some tools for the Pix4D dev team to use. Look forward to seeing what tools you can build.

Thank you for this valuable piece of information! Of course, having a Pix4Dcapture software that runs with Windows would be very nice for users and hopefully, it will become reality in the future.