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Pix4D using Average of LAT/LON Error values in P4P RTK images instead of Root Mean Square

I was able to finally get my hands on some photos from an RTK today to look at the EXIF data.  

Rtk Flag : 16
Rtk Std Lon : 2.70368
Rtk Std Lat : 1.53912
Rtk Std Hgt : 3.68277

When I dumped them into Desktop, I found that Pix4D is taking the average of the standard deviation values (LAT and LON) instead of the root mean square.

Has anyone who has a Phantom RTK model had any issues with this?  

Currently if the LAT and LON Standard deviation was 5m for each, it would simply calculate a value of 5m for the Horizontal Error (LAT+LON /2)

However, that should be (I’m 99% sure) the RMS of 5m and 5m which would be 7.071067812

I have emailed Blaz in tech support to ask about this but figured I would ask if anyone one with the RTK has run across it.   

For us who are using an external gps like the Emlid M+ on the regular Phantom 4 Pro, we can modify the image metadata to contain the RTK tags and then drop the PPK images into Pix4D.  I just need to find a good metadata injector that is easy to use :slight_smile: