Pix4D Processing Server Build


I was wondering if I could get members of the community to review my build. 

Here is a link to the build in PDF format. 



I’m now wondering if I would benefit from getting a single Titan XP vs two 1080. Thoughts? 


Thanks in advance. 

Core i9 is way better in my own Intel testing…maybe it was from being on cloud Xeon servers but I just don’t see the value in Xeon systems for their high cost and possible slower performance.

I haven’t tested 2 video cards but one 1080Ti works great for me until I set matches to 250,000 on 42MP pictures…crazy high number that isn’t needed so not sure a second video card is worth the money.

Others here use big Xeon systems and it will work as long as you tie it to a GeForce card…server video cards are 10X the price for half the performance.

Last thing, changing hardware setup will change the way Pix4D works so expect different results from computer to computer.