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Pix4D mapper or Pix4d Capturedata processing algorithm


Here is a big confusion for what is pix4d doing? What is the algorithm use by pix4d?

I planned a flight path on 70 Meter. After process the data on Pix4d Mapper the parameters show the different Altitude. How is that possible? For example: In first row the Altitude is 70 M and in second row the Altitude is shift on 69 Meter .and it’s still show the height is same 70Meter on my iPad screen in Pix4d capture .

I believe that pix4d is very good software for image processing, but now I’m disappointed. How can I solve this Altitude problem? 


Hi Ujjawal,


The flight height + the elevation = altitude. To check if the values are imported correctly in the mapper, please check the EXIF of the images where you can find the specific tags as Exif.GPSInfo.GPSAltitude.

Source of the image: