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pix4d mapper discarding images with no geotags

I am trying to process a project with images with and without geotags. Approximately 80% of the images have geotags, but 20% do not as the ppk had an error for these. All flights were taken with the same drone in the same area.
I have GCPs placed throughout the mission that I can identify.
How can I get Pix4d mapper to not ‘throw out’ the images with no geotags - I want all to be processed in step 1 then I can mark the GCPs.
Please advise

Hi Stephen,
What do you mean by “discarding”? Pix4Dmapper will not discard by default the images with no geotags.
Did you process step 1 (calibration)? If so, please share the quality report with us so that we can better understand the case.
Thank you. Have a great day,