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Pix4D doesnt model dataset of broadcast tower and models terrain instead

Hi Guys,

A short while ago we planned on producing a 3d model of a 320m high broadcasting tower. I have completed 3D terrain models in the past with success but when we tried to process the tower as a model it failed to stitch the tower and modelled the terrain instead. Is the error from the image capture (linked below) or a process within Pix4D that I am failing to grasp?

Here is a link to the data set from one face. For the model we used the data from all 3 faces. FACE A - Google Drive

Kind Regards


Hello Matthew,

I recommend using Pix4Dscan and Pix4Dinspect that are dedicated to this type of application.

The webinar of the products is:

Please feel free to contact our sales team for more information.

Kind regards,