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Cell Tower mapped 3d model quality

I am not able to generate good quality 3d model of a cell tower. Can anyone help me with the best settings for the same?

Getting artifacts and low resolution model/texture.
Please help

Please check the attached screenshot.


Hi there!

In Pix4D we have specific products to cover the user case you are mentioning, both image capture and digital twin processing and analysis.
You can find plenty of information about Pix4Dscan and Pix4Dinspect in this link.
There you will be able to find general information from the products plus access to some pre-processed example datasets.
Feel free to contact us asking for a trial through the contact form available in the same web, so that you can experience first hand our dedicated workflow for Cell Towers.
And the most important thing, do not hesitate contacting us to provide feedback about what you liked and you didn’t, we will be really happy to hear from you.