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Pix4D and DJI Phantom 4 RTK

The DJI P4 RTK has just became available for pre-purchase in Canada as of October 17, 2018.


Question 1
Does Pix4D plan on testing (or have been testing) the DJI Phantom 4 RTK for use with Pix4D applications?


Question 2
Will Pix4D develop an app that can be installed for use on the Phantom 4 RTK? Reference point 3 under Software on the DJI FAQ page:
“3.What apps have mapping or inspection function?
Users can use the pre-installed GS RTK app for mapping or inspection missions. Additionally, users can install apps built on DJI’s Mobile SDK.”



Maybe the DJI app will be sufficient for mapping.  Reading through the FAQ’s, it seems to have a few limitations that would be nice to bypass; Pix4D could use some creativity here with a compatible SDK app


While it seems like DJI has done a good job on the design and development of this UAV, it would be great to view feedback from Pix4D before running out and purchasing this new UAV



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Good questions!

It would be nice if Pix could describe the workflow for rendering to the choosen  height and coordinat system as well

/ Thomas ( Sweden)

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Hi Ryan and Thomas

Thank you for your questions.

About the first question, the data of the P4P RTK can be processed in Pix4Dmapper.

About your second question, at the moment we are evaluating the possibility to develop an application that can be installed for the use of the P4P RTK even though as you noticed it rightfully, the native application of DJI seems to be already enough for mapping.

No decision has been made yet and we will give updates about the status of it as often as necessary on this thread.


OK, super if it could be fixed with app from you :slight_smile:

Is it possible to ha a workflow description for having the right z-value / heightsystem correction implemented in the rendering?


One more question
In the BIM web when you create a elevation profile, would it br possible to add a off set value so that the height data is corrected with this value?
If this is possible, it would help us to show the z height in the local height system

Hi Thomas , 

Thank you for your question.

Currently setting and offset value to an elevation profile is not supporting. I will pass your request to our developers team. 



Where can i get the workflow for DJI Phantom 4 PRO RTK.  DJI has given the product details and accuracy of drone.  But I need full methodology.  Especially the processing side

Hi @Selvakumar,

The methodology is expected to be the same as usual except that you do not use GCPs.
Some users however use them as Check Points in order to verify the accuracy of their project.

Regarding processing, you can set the calibration method with respect to the data you acquired:

  • If you get very high accuracy IMU data (coordinates + omega, phi, kappa angles), “Accurate Geolocation and Orientation” is recommended.
  • Otherwise when only coordinates (xyz) are accurately measured as it is usually for DJI Phantom 4 PRO RTK, we recommend “Standard” or “Alternative”.

Hope this will help,



I have used the Phantom 4 RTK with DRTK2 Base station, I am not sure if there is something I need to do with the workflow but every time I import those images to PIX4D they show up as same altitude. Even though the altitude on the images tags is different, also the data comes in WGS 84 input. Can you please guide me to properly process that data.


Gregory luchese! same problem here DJI PHANTOM 4 RTK no workflow without GCP in pix4D in a local system!

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Me podrían indicar si existe algún manual de procesamiento de la información recolectada con p4p rtk. Gracias.

Hi All,

More on the optimal workflow when processing DJI Phantom 4 RTK datasets can be found in this community post:
[Desktop] Processing DJI Phantom 4 RTK datasets with Pix4D


@ Levi Kooman Did you used a dongle in DRTK2 mobile station?

@Jonathan Valenzuela

Blaž publicó un workflow para el Phantom 4 RTK:
[Desktop] Processing DJI Phantom 4 RTK datasets with Pix4D