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Pitch Measurement

Is there a way to take measurement on a map from point to point to give the pitch or angle of a hill using the data in the map?

Hey Kevin, 

If you would like to measure an angle of elevation with respect to the ground in Pix4Ddesktop you can try the following: 

Draw a polyline parallel to the line or surface you want to measure. For a surface, it is sufficient to pick two points on the surface to draw the polyline.

You should then compute arccos(2Dlength/3Dlength).
One can use Google (answer in radians) or Wolfram Alpha (answer in radians and degrees)

Check here how to draw a polyline:

Another method to do so, in the case of a surface you can insert a new surface object.

Create a new orthoplane and align it to the surface just created.

The angle of elevation of the surface is then given by 90 degrees minus the Pitch angle of the orthoplane. 

Adding a surface object:

Creating an orthoplane (and aligning to a surface):

Best Regards,