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Piles of points/pixels in the middle of a flat road. Please help

I am having a huge issue with piles of points/pixels in the middle of flat roads. I have tried processing at 1/4 & 1/8 Image size with no difference found. I was flying 225’ single grid, 80%/80% overlap. With these mounds of points in my ray cloud I am unable to contour projects in AutoCad. Thank you for the help. 



Hi Tom, 

This post, where you have added a comment, contains a lot of suggestions on how to improve a project with the issue you described: 

First, I would try to modify the minimum number of matches, this should already remove some noise: 

Then, the post cited above also mentioned that improving the image acquisition improved the results, e.g. by adding oblique images and by flying lower. 

Adding Manual Tie Points (MTPs) can help as well: 

Or adding surfaces to smooth the DSM:

Could you share screenshots of your project? if possible, also the quality report (click Process > Generate Quality Report). This helps to understand the settings of the project. 

Let us know if the suggestions above could improve the project. 

Tom, we really need to see more info to be specific in helping.  Flying that high with only 80/80 overlap and 1/4 image size, well I am not surprised to see low resolution results with artifacts.  Pix4D and drones are capable of so much more than the equivalent of a Google Maps view.

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