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Photomerge with Pix4D


I have 650 Aerial Photos, which are not (yet) geotagged, taken with a Nikon D5 90 degrees down from a helicopter.

I need 1 large Image File (approx 60000x60000 pixels) from these pictures.

  1. Can I do that with Pix4D?
  2. Do I need to georefernce the Pictures beforehand?
  3. Does anyone want to do that for me (as a paid jpb)?

best wishes

  1. Yes you can do it with Pix4D if the overlap is sufficient
  2. Yes or you’ll need correct coordinates in text file (.csv or .txt)
  3. I can take a look at your project if you can share the photos


best wishes

Half of the images were calibrated without being georeferenced. If you have the exact coordinates where the photos were taken I think I’ll improve the results.