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Combining images from two different cameras

I am planning to use 2-12mp cameras and a 42 mp camera to take pictures simultaneously. One of the 12 mp cameras will be in a 45 degree oblique and one will be nader. The 42mp camera will be nader as well. The 2 12mp cameras will have geotags, the 42 mp camera will not.

A few questions.

  1. To prevent pix4d from throwing out geotags what ratio of geotagged images should I aim for? I.e. 4 geotagged images for every one non geotagged image?
  2. Will it be better to process the Images from each camera separate and merge the projects?

I will be flying a long, linear structure near the ocean.

Any tips, advice or workflow recommendations would be helpful!


Hi Alex, 

We apologize for the late reply. I would recommend you to process the images from each camera separately and then merged it. As you are using different cameras, the optimization/calibration is always better when you process them separately using the different setting parameters for the individual project.