PArrot bebop 2 camera not recognized when processing - need help editing

Hi, newbie but have been practicing…

went to process my 15th project.  but this time when I went to start the initial processing phase and it took me to the image properties editor, under selected camera model it doesn’t list my parrot bebop2 as usual it lists the following:


When I try to edit the selection, it brings me to the edit camera model page

under camera model name it doesn’t let me select anything other than to manually edit and I have been unsuccessful trying to find the parrot bebop 2 camera setting information to manually input the proper settings

Any assistance would be great…combed the logs and net and parrot website before reaching out for help.


Thanks, JBT 

Hi Brent,

Are you using videos for processing?

Please note that we usually recommend not to use videos for processing since the results will not be as good as with still images.

Firstly because videos are more likely to have rolling shutter artifacts, and secondly because the highest resolution of the videos are usually lower than with images.

Pix4D Desktop has an internal camera database with good initial parameters for many cameras. The software reads the focal length and the number of pixels given by the sensor size (pixel*pixel), from the EXIF.  When a video is used for processing the software extracts frames from it which contain no EXIF tag that can be accessed by the software hence, the camera model cannot be automatically recognized.

Best regards,

Thank you for replying to this comment.  I am using the bebop 2 drone and using regular photo’s.  I am not using video’s.  Please advise if you can, thanks!


Hi Trent,

To obtain optimal results, we would recommend to take images with the Bebop 2 in full resolution, ideally 4096x3320 or at least 2048x1660.
For these resolutions, the camera models are in the database of the software and will be used for processing.