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Panorama of 3D Object

Is it possible to create a panoramic image of a 3D object? I have a unique situation that requires me to create a panoramic image of a cylinder. All sides of the cylinder need to be visible to the viewer if it were put on a paper.

For example: If you had a paper tube and cut from top to bottom in a straight line and laid it on a flat surface. This is what I need to view.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you!


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Did you try the “Unroll” tool from CC?
I haven’t used the tool yet, but it looks like what you are looking for.

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@till Thank you! This is exactly what I needed. I had no idea that tool existed in Cloud Compare. Glad i could help.
How did you go on? Unroll the 3d-model or first subsample a very dense pointcloud from the 3d-model? How did you proceed then? Rasterize the unrolled model at the end?