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Overlap in different mesh zones.

Hello there! Is there any limit on process images? I took 1169 pictures of the requiered site model and the program seems to be confused by detail pictures in some areas, as there are a couple overlapped picture points!

As you can see on the screenshot provided, the hill is clearly modeled like the buildings are inside it lol.

Maybe this happened coz I took detail pics of different zones???

Thank you!

Hola Vicente,

Thank you for posting your question here.

There is no hard limit regarding the maximum number of images.
More images you have, longer will be the processing time. Hence, the processing strongly depends on the number of images, their resolution, your computer specifications. If your project is very large, it could be better to split into smaller projects and then merge them.
Some users have shared their experience with large projects in this community post: Largest Number of Images.

Regarding your project, it is usually recommended to have 75% frontal and 60% side overlap in general cases.
For glassy buildings, it could be necessary to even increase the overlap since glass is very reflective and therefore the calibration will be harder. Uniform and reflective surface make it difficult for the algorithm to find keypoints.
If your point cloud contains a lot of noise, as it seems according to your attached image, if might be necessary to clean it. You can do it by assign the noisy points to the class "disabled as described here: How to edit the point cloud in the rayCloud.

I am not sure to understand your issue. Is the hill overlapping the building? Maybe there is an issue with the georeferencing? I would need your quality report for a better understanding of your problems.

Additionally, I can see that you were using the Ag multispectral template which is recommended for precision agriculture. According to your screenshot I would recommend you to use  3D Maps or 3D Models templates.

Hope this will help.


Thank you for your answer Marco!

It seems like I wasn’t overlapping the images well enough.

I’m doing the 3D model from Google Earth screen captures, so the images are not georeferenced. That and the overlap issue is causing some zones to be generated where they shouldn’t be generated.

My computer is very powerful, hence I shouldn’t have trouble processing it alltogether.

I’ll try again :slight_smile:

Hi Vicente,

My pleasure.

What an interesting and original project!
We would be glad to see your results if they are satisfying.

Good luck!

Hey Marco!

Unfortunately my trial version ended today. But in these past few days I learned much better how to use the program and I showed a lot of friends how to use it in case they are interested in trying it too!!!

The result that I ended up getting wasnt perfect but it’s actually very good enough for what I need :slight_smile: I could get a base model to get correct heights for a better NURBS 3d model that I’ll do manually, and could get topography contours to make a good plan of the area I’m working in.

We’ll see if we can get a drone to get better pictures and better results for the future :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much for your support!



Hi Vicente,

Has this mesh been created with Pix4Dmapper? If so, which camera model have you selected?

May we ask you to upload your project on the Cloud? And also to provide us the Quality Report?
We are curious about your approach!

Do you know that you can extend your license?