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Overlap and comparing Quantities

I am working on several projects tracking Quantities. A contractor flies simultaneously using the same control.

Assuming everything is the same in the flights, but one flight has a 60/70(390’) overlap and the other 75/75(350). What do you estimate the difference in average accuracy to be?

Hi Jimmy,

The difference between the parameters of the two flights is not very big so the results will most probably be similar.

Keep in mind that with the 75/75(350) flight, the GSD is lower which directly affects the accuracy of the results.
The 75/75% overlap has a positive affect on the quality of results, for example, the generated point cloud will most probably contain less noise.

More in the Accuracy of Pix4D outputs article.


I am a little confused. You mention “results will most probably be similar.” Later you use less noise as positive of the 75/75. Will accuracy most likely be increased as well? If so would it most likely be nominal?