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3D output offset

On a couple of occasions we have flown different heights on different flights fee in part to avoid features on the ground such as trees or power lines. Is there a way to resolve this issue? Thank you! Here is a screen capture…

Hi Warren,

I had a look at the quality report of your project and there is not enough overlap between the images so that the outputs cannot be well reconstructed. You need higher overlap to be able to reconstruct the results you want to generate.

Please also notice that it is usually recommended to process images captured at the same flight height, as they have the same Ground Sampling Distance (GSD). It means that all images will have the same level of details. This facilitates the matching of keypoints between images and therefore, helps the reconstruction.

However, Pix4Dmapper can also process images with different GSD as long as the highest GSD is smaller than twice the lowest GSD.