Over exposure around veg and under exposure around buildings and sidewalks

Hi, I did a test flight of a college campus without Micasense RedEdge-Pand found that vegetated areas surrounding the buildings and sidewalks were under-exposed compared to other large expanses of vegetated areas. This is not ideal for our purposes. I tried corrections using the Camera and Sun Irradiance and Camera, Sun Irradiance, and Sun Angle using DLS IMU. Both outputted roughly the same results. Can someone help me with where I am going wrong? I thought these corrections were supposed to compensate for these exposure issues.


It looks like it was partly cloudy when you flew, was this the case?
We advise flying on fully cloudy days or sunny. The Sun corrections will help with rather minor differences in sun intensity, but they can’t remove the impact of the differences in illumination where clouds are passing by.
Besides, it can be even worse to apply corrections on this type of scene, where the sunshine sensor has a different light than the scene.

It was not cloudy

Could you try with No correction?