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Hi There,

We are a survey firm who use the phantom 3 to complete aerial surveys, we are looking to expand to use an OSMO+ camera or something similar to take ground photos (GPS points are critical for our use). Does the Pix4d app have the ability to use this instrument or have plans to in the future?  

Hi Jarrod,

Pix4Dcapture, our mobile app, aims assisting users in flying drones. We take advantage of the autopilot mode of the drone. There is no such equivalent for the OSMO+ camera. Hence, it is not in our pipeline to have this camera supported by the app.

However Pix4Dmapper, our computer software, can process images taken with any cameras, DSLR, large format or lightweight compact camera, perspective or fisheye lens, and using any applications. The only requirement is to have .jpeg or .tif images.

Therefore, you can use the OSMO+ camera to acquire ground images and use them for modelling.
For recommendations about the image acquisition please see:


Aloha Jarrod,

I’ve tried using a DJI OSMO (1st Gen), but sadly the images aren’t GeoTagged by DJI Go app, so while they worked in Pix4D, did require more work to get correct coordinate system.  I’ve had better results using a Theta S 360 spherical camera for ground/interior images.  The trick is to getting yourself out of the shot, but over all it takes much “fewer” images to capture a space.



Thanks Aaron