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Orthomosaic could not be displayed

After uploading my ortho TIFF, the “layer could not be displayed”

By doing some research, i guess this is a case of:
“The DSM and/or Orthomosaic are not displayed in the 2D view. In the Files > Results section the DSM and/or Orthomosaic show the ERROR status. They can be considered having a significant size and/or a complex geometry.”

The DSM is however displayed.

site/63883/dataset/728083: ortho uploaded, processed but nothing there. DSM uploaded and visible
site/63883/dataset/728477: ortho uploaded but error. DSM not uploaded.

Thanks for the reply!


That’s exactly the error you experienced in both cases. For those who will read this post in the future, the details of the error can be found here. The error can involve only one of the 2D outputs (not necessarily they both have an error). This can happen especially for corridor projects.