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Odd shifting of some cameras after intial processing

I am processing a flight using an ebee version 2 with a sequoia multipectral camera, with emotion3 used for the flight planning. After Initial processing, several cameras appear shifted from the original (and correct) camera positions, which generates and incorrect point cloud. How can I fix this issue?

Please, see screenshot below.


Gonçalo Vieira




Me again,

It seems that selecting “Accurate geolocation and orientation” has solved the problem. 

Should I select this option always when using the Sequoia, or only when there are issues?


Gonçalo Vieira


You should only select “Accurate geolocation and orientation” option when there are issues unless you are using an RTK Drone/GPS. I would normally use “Alternative” option and if that doesn’t work you can try “Standard” or “Accurate geolocation and orientation” as you already have. I hope that helps.

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I agree with Selim about the “Accurate geolocation and orientation”. 

By default I would run the multispectral imagery from the Sequoia camera with the “Ag Multispectral” processing options template. This runs with the “Alternative” calibration method, which is made for flat terrain with similar patterns (e.g. a field).