Odd ray cloud and poor densification when using GCPs

I followed Method B here exactly because my GCPs are in an arbitrary coordinate system:

The ATPs seem fine, but are arranged in an odd grid that I’ve never seen before:

Then point cloud densification seems to completely fail:

Shouldn’t point cloud densification only take into account the location of the ATP’s? The roadway seems well defined by the ATPs, so why is it that the point cloud has such poor quality?

Roadway ATPs:

Thank you.

Hello there, This might be the result of the coordinate transformation. This issue is usually seen when there is a more significant transformation of the coordinate system ( known coordinate system to arbitrary). So, resolve the issue after you process step 1 and add the GCPs; simply reprocess step 1 again and this issue should be resolved.

Thank you, that resolved the problem. It would be nice for that to be fixed in future releases, as I have to iterate through Initial Processing again after adding GCPs which can be time consuming.

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