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Not detecting enough features in an image. What should I do?

I am using pix4d discovery for structure from motion process. I have an images which doesnt have much texture. Because of this I am not getting calibrated images also. What can I do to improve the results?

Hi Manish,

Trees and vegetation require special care. Have a look at this article for more information on how to improve the results: 202560159.

I also recommend this article to learn more about flight planning: 202557459


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Hey Manish,

What calibration method are you currently using? You may want to use the Alternative calibration method to increase the number of calibration option. Moreover you may also want to try to change the image scale to 0.5, which may also increase the number of calibrated images. Alternatively you could also add Manual Tie Points (MTP’s) as well. 

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I have found some settings in Pix4D can help with tons of trees but honestly the way to fix this is to fly closer or use a custom camera/lens combo to minimize the % the trees are taking up in the photo.

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Thanks for suggestions. I have kept default calibration settings.
I will try to run with different calibration methods. One possible solution is reducing the image scale. But I couldnt understand how reducing image resolution can improve results? Doesnt this degrades image quality and hence lesser number of features will be extracted? @Marili @Selim

Hey Manish, 

You are right by changing the image scale to 0.5 the level of detail is going to be reduced. However reducing level of detail may actually help the images stitch better. One thing that I forgot to mention is the Median Number of Key Points option. As default it is set to Automatic, however you can change it Manual and force Pix4D to work with less number of key points. By reducing the Number of Key Points you are decreasing the quality however increasing the changes of getting a stitched image.  

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Thanks Selim I will try to do this


I believe Selim covered my reply as well. Reducing the image scale might lead to more calibrated images than the default option. 

Give it a try and let us know :-).