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How do I get these outputs from Pix4d for the surveyors I’m working with? I don’t see these options. I can’t find a way to output northing/easting.



I’m using a P4RTK with GCPs in WGS84

Hi Dave,
You can change the projection coordinates system of the output result so that you will have them with Northing/Easting. To change the output coordinate system, follow the below article;
Menu Project > Select Output Coordinate System…

Oh I see… I needed to change the GCPs to decimal feet to get it to output correctly.


Hi Dave,
That is not correct. First, you need to know which output coordinate system does your client/surveyor wants. NAD 83 Northing/Easting is not enough to define the coordinate system. You don’t have to convert your GCPs coordinates, your output results and GCPs can have a different coordinate system.

So, you need to know the output coordinate system and define it accordingly in your project. For example, the output coordinate system that the client should provide should be WGS 84 UTM zone 10N.

I got it to work so perhaps I’m not explaining it correctly.

I needed to output in 0403 SPC in decimal feet. What I discovered was that in order for the output to not be in decimal degrees I needed to input my GCPs in decimal feet. Then I set the output to 0403 and everything came out as desired in 0403 decimal feet.