Normalizing colour and brightness of mosaics

We are using both a M300 RTK with P1 and M200 with x4s.
Orthomosaics are uploaded to server which overlays multiple files with newest on top to create a relatively up to date imagery intranet type page.

The problem we have is that every mosaic seems to come out with a slight different colour palette, contrast, brightness etc so that the result is harsh edges between a new mosaic and the underlay image.
Cameras are always shutter priority with auto metering and a fixed white balance.

Any ideas?

Hello @rsaunders, The issue seems to be related to the white/color balance on the raw images. If you are using the PIX4dcapture app, set the White balance setting to Sunny and fly on a Sunny day. You can also try to use the manufacturer’s image acquisition app such as DJI GS Pro and see if you can get better quality images from it.