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No calibrated camera error e0046

I wanted to experiment with using my phone to take pictures and process, but I’m getting a no calibrated camera error. I set my phone up in a set position and rotated a mug on a lazy susan so the distance didn’t change. I took 26 pictures and made 7 MTPs using a minimum of 5 photos.
What could be going wrong?

[Processing]: Initialize calibration
[Warning]: No initial frame
[Error]: no blocks computed
[Processing]: Substep Camera calibration finished.
[Error]: No calibrated cameras.
[Processing]: Substep Report generation started.
[Processing]: Read keypoints.
[Processing]: Substep Report generation finished.
[Error]: Error e0046: Processing failed. No calibrated cameras.
[Processing]: ProjectLoaded

Hi Kevin,

You can move the object instead of the camera only if you use a similar setup like the one we describe in this article: How to model small objects – Support

Another method I have used is to set the object to be modeled on a well lit table (outside) and move around with the camera at a close distance.
Avoid casting a shadow on the object of interest.

I hope this helps!

William Hawkins | Technical Trainer