New GNNS RTK devices

Hello I am interested in adding new GNNS RTK devices.
I am especially interested in cooperation with the iPhone.
Because from what I know, Android devices have the ability to emulate the GPS position in the post.
However, in ios there is only a choice between the original built-in GPS receiver or ViDoc.
As far as I know, other hardware manufacturers such as ArduSimple are ready for integration with their devices.

I’d be interested in that compatibility as well

Also interested to know if the iOS app can work with the the Emlid M2 as it is able to share its location over bluetooth or or TCP. Seems to be little motivation for Pix4D to support other RTK receivers.

Hello, and we have the Emlid Reach RS2. It would be great if their is support for this receiver.

I believe it could be a complete game changing if the financial entry threshold was lowered