New DJI M2EA Thermal Camera (released Q1 2021)

Hi folks. Does anyone know if this new camera will be supported by Pix4D? Would it be possible to do a manual input of camera specs?

M2EA Thermal Camera

  • Sensor

  • Uncooled VOx Microbolometer

  • Focal Length

  • Approx. 9mm
    35 mm format equivalent: Approx. 38mm

  • Sensor Resolution

  • 640×512 @30Hz

  • Accuracy of Thermal Temperature

  • Measurement: ±2℃ or ±2%, whichever is greater.

  • Digital Zoom

  • 16 ×

  • Pixel Pitch

  • 12 μm

  • Spectral Band

  • 8-14 μm

  • Photo Format

  • R-JPEG

  • Video Format

  • MP4

  • Metering Method

  • Spot Meter, Area Measurement

  • FFC

  • Auto/Manual

Hi, Pix4DMapper is camera agnostic so you should be able to process any images (thermal min resolution is 640x480). However, since it’s a DJI camera, I am not sure if the output will be a temperature map with temperature values in each pixel. If it is a FLIR rjepg, the map you get is a temperature map. However, for H20T, DJI has a different rjpeg format due to which Pix4D could not use the FLIR SDK it uses for rjpeg images to convert them to tif and process. Here the output you might get is an RGB map that can be used for visualization. You can have a look at this: Pix4Dmapper not converting RJPEG images to tiff from Zenmuse H20T and Mavic 2 dual enterprise advanced thermal camera - #7 by italosm977

Thus, you need to know if it is a FLIR manufactured camera or a DJI manufactured one. You can also use a demo data from them, get a Pix4Dmapper trial and process

Thanks for this.
So if it’s not FLIR and a DJI model is there a way of calibrating the RGB map? Otherwise is just relative and can’t be used for absolute differences.
That’s much less useful.

Hi David,

I am not very sure. if you have a sample dataset, I could test and let you know

Sorry - drone is not out yet - we are just thinking about it outputs types. Would it be possible to create an a normal ortho with the camera even though its not supported on the DJI camera lists?

Yes, you will be able to create an RGB orthomosaic with the RGB camera. I think most probably for the thermal camera also you will be able to process. I just remembered a thread of enterprise dual. I think this camera might be pretty similar to that: DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual - #17 by goran.vizintin

Thanks again.
The trouble is the drone is new and not out yet. I can only see the DJI specifications online.
Will need to think about it!