Need more images when tagging GCPs

While going through my GCPs and tagging them to corresponding images, I am only given between 5-8 images to use. When I view the tie points and camera positions, each GCP has at least 15 images in the immediate area that should be viable for GCP tagging. How do I access all of these images for GCP tagging?


One way that you can access all the photos for each GCP is to open the Basic GCP/MTP Editor. To do so, click Project > GCP/MTP Manager > Basic Editor. This will open a new window where you will have your GCPs listed at the top and all the images at the side, listed by distance from GCP as a default setting (you can also order by Name or Distance from Marked Images). Those marked in green are those that were marked in the rayCloud. From here, you select your GCP and then mark it in whichever additional photos you would like.

Hope that helps,
Dr. Ryan Hughes (He/Him) | Technical Trainer and Content Creator

That’s perfect - thank you Ryan!