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Multispectral index Formulas

Since a majority of users also use Micasense sensors and they have the same specturm image bands except Altum, it has the extra IR band. You should consider providing a list of index formulas that can be entered into the index creator should your users want to use them. Client concerns are around nitrogen content, Brix levels, sugar content, variety identification, weeds between grape vines, etc. This would be really helpful. Instead I must enter a complex formula only to know the results do not fall within the bands structure. Some do, but a lot do not. Our customers want a lot of detail and they are willing to pay if it truly mean a better harvest. However, if they think they can get the same or similar results from traditional scouting, they will not hire you. I do a lot of Pro Bono seeking the End to End customer with the vineyard, winery and bottle label. Smaller 10 to 20 acre vineyard owners with no winery or label cannot afford to have this service every month. They sell by the ton. Even in a good year, a lot will depend on their district.

Dear donaldtlowe,

thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your feedback!

It is true that it can be overwhelming when it comes to find the right index to get the job done. As you can imagine this is a very complex topic. More often than not it is trial and error and requires a deep agricultural knowledge to interpret the index results. The same index can mean different things depending on environmental conditions and industry applied to. The spectral behavior of vineyards is very different from large crop field for instance and varies from region to region.

Nevertheless your idea to have a range of indices grouped by category’s like biomass, nitrogen content, waterstress, nutrient content is something which would be very useful.

For the time being maybe you find this article here helpful How to generate a vegetation index with Pix4Dfields – Support or have a look at this database for vegetation indices:

Thank you for responding. Nitrogen, water stress and nutrients are my main issues here in Northern CA.