Multispectral scanning of vineyards 600 hectares!

Considering the large amount of data, have you given a recommendation for the steps to be taken when scanning such large vineyards?

  • My idea is that one of the first steps is to do an RGB scan at 100 metres to get a complete new picture of the state of the vineyard.

  • After that, i willl performs a scan of the mini-plots, which are on average 5-7 hectares

Which indexes would you use? Some of the diseases that are common here are: Downy mildew, powdery mildew, black rot of vines?


How big is the area you need to map? As you will fly RGB, the size might not be an issue. PIX4Dfields manages very large projects.

You can then trim the layer into plots or fields without any problem. You can create boundaries from within PIX4Dfields or import them as .shp, .kml etc.

Regarding indices, you can only use TGI and VARI as you have RGB bands. We can’t confirm you will be able to identify diseases as this depends on the severity, and you are limited as you don’t have multispectral.


Yes i have Mavic 3M … But what is best index for Vineyards diseases ? EVI2 or ? I will add some picture from small plots.

You will have to do some research on the internet regarding specific indices in vineyards.

Generally speaking, the index will guide you on where the vineyard is not performing well, you will have to verify on the field what the actual cause is.