Multispectral error

Hi to everyone :smiley:

I took these picture with a Mavic 3M but as you can see on the multispectral orthomosaic there is something wrong. Can you understand why the multispectral output of this field has those black areas? The RGB looks fine and also the NDVI, my thought is that maybe the problem is due only to one camera but, what it is wrong? Did anyone already experienced something like that?

Thank to all of you in advance.

Hi Davide,

It is difficult to jump to conclusions just looking at a screenshot. From what I can see here, I would say that the dark areas are caused by scattered clouds during the flight.
If this is the case the only way to improve the results would be to use the “accurate processing” pipeline instead of the fast one. The darker area will remain the same, but you could have less stitching artifacts in the ortho. You can try disabling Radiometric corrections too.

Have a nice day.

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