Multispectral data reflectance and ndvi maps are incomplete.

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The ndvi map and some of the reflectance maps of a multispectral dataset have been produced partially complete (for reference see the image below). Any thoughts on what might be causing that issue and/or how to go about fixing that issue?


Could you please upload the pdf report? That would allow us to understand the issue.

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Please see the attached report as requested.

pix_Multispec_EMW_Merged_Cam&SunIrr_report.pdf (1.4 MB)

@hrushi.kommula, Can you have a look at this article and confirm you have followed the correct steps: How do the sub-project’s quality reports look like? While creating the merges project, we recommend unselecting duplicate parameters as mentioned in Step 8 of the How to merge projects article.

Thanks @momtanu.chakraborty. Looks like duplicating the camera parameters had caused that issue.

Managed to create deliverable outputs by processing them separately and merging them together in a GIS software.

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