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Monitoring urban redevelopment in Brno - Jan Dojčán and Ondřej Burda - JamCopters

Good Monday everyone!

Today we have a project that uses UAVs to document the transformation of an industrial complex into a mix-use urban development in Brno, in the Czech Republic:

Interactive 3D model on Sketchfab:

Video on Youtube:

This is the story of the project:

The ‘Czech Zbrojovka’ factory, with an area of more than 20ha, dates from 1918, it served as artillery workshops, manufacturing weapons and tactical vehicles.The factory closed its doors in the 1990s. The area became a brownfield in the middle of the city.

The goal of the ongoing development project is to transform this brownfield into a fully-fledged urban area that retains the original character and elements of industrial architecture while providing new housing, work, and leisure opportunities it residents.

The project will be developed in several stages - elimination of environmental burdens, demolition of structurally inadequate buildings, renovation of preserved buildings, connection to the urban infrastructure, and construction of new buildings.

JamCopters will monitor and follow up all the project stages using UAVs and photogrammetry to deliver a variety of outputs for different uses:

  • _ For site management : up-to-date high-resolution maps and 3D spatial models of the site are available in a cloud environment. These can be combined with existing documentation, which brings new possibilities such as measuring the volume of material obtained during demolition for further processing. With periodic surveys, we can clearly visualize the progress of construction over time, including a comparison with a building plan or a visualization of differences between two points on the timeline._

  • _ For project communication and marketing : future residents can view the planned district layout in 3D visualizations and see the progress of the construction process of their upcoming housing through VR technologies._

  • _ For digital preservation: from the historical point of view, it was also possible to capture and document the original state of the factory complex, which can be seen in this 3D model._

At JamCopters, we provide aerial services in the form of photogrammetric site mapping, time-lapse documentation of construction, inspection and monitoring flights including thermal imaging and multispectral recording, 360° photo/video and other tasks.  We serve governmental institutions and commercial companies in diverse fields, including geography, spatial planning, water management, construction, forestry, and agriculture.

We tested several photogrammetric solutions. Pix4dmapper is solid in terms of processing speed and output quality. Compared to the competition_, Pix4Dmapper is especially strong in workflow and interface for GCPs and MTPs_ edi_ting and has a great Index Calculator for multispectral and thermal imagery and produces comprehensive Quality Reports._” Ondrej Burda, pilot and drone-mapping specialist at JamCopters

Technical details:

  • Device used: Phantom 4 Advanced

  • Image capture path: grid path with oblique camera angle, only aerial images

  • Number of images: 1400

  • Pix4D software used: Pix4Dcapture and Pix4Dmapper

  • Processing platform: desktop device

  • Editing: Addition of 7 GCPs, 9 checkpoints, few MTPs in difficult areas.


Enjoy your virtual visit, feel free to ask questions, share comments and your own projects.

Pix4D team