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Merging thermal imagery - Oblique and Nadir

Here a consult which is related with thermal images but also with merging projects with Nadir and Oblique camera angles.

in order to test the best way to capture and process thermal images I have flown the same area in two different ways: Nadir and Oblique angle of the camera over the same objects. Prior to that, I have taken standard RGB pictures of the place in order to merge both projects following this tutorial.

Merging the thermal images with the RGB images produces a reasonable good thermal orthomosaic as you can see in the following pictures; both are Nadir images.

On the other hand, the merged project which includes the oblique images (oblique thermal imagery + Nadir RGB imagery) is not very good and includes many errors as displayed in the example I include here.

I understand that a point cloud generated only by oblique images is very poor and inconsistent, but therefore I am merging it with a much richer RGB dataset.

I would like to improve the quality of the processing with the oblique images, but before making uncountable changes in the setting, I prefer to ask for some advice about where I can start best working on.

Hi, I have answered your question here: Processing thermal images – Support

Thank you @momtanu.chakraborty, I have also replied to your post there so we can continue the discussion in that thread.